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International S-A Heath Care

Welcome to Lawrence Technological University!

International student athletes at LTU are required to show proof of a current medical insurance plan that is accepted in a United States hospital. All foreign medical insurance plans will not be accepted in the United States. Therefore, all international student athletes MUST PURCHASE a United States medical insurance plan that is guaranteed to be accepted to participate in athletics at LTU.

Below are three companies who provide coverage in the US for athletic injuries that the LTU sports medicine department will accept for athletic participation:

StudentSecure® Insurance.

ISP International Insurance.

  • Click on the drop box (“click here to find your school”) and scroll down to “Lawrence Technological University (sports)”.
  • This will bring you to a page that has the different levels of insurance.
  • Only the Pioneer Elite options 10k, 15k, and 20k (which are in green) are acceptable insurance coverage plans.
  • Follow the directions on the link below:

1st Care Plan

  • This international insurance plan will only cover athletic injuries and will NOT cover any medical related expenses.
    • For example, if you come down with an illness and go to a clinic to be seen by a physician these medical expenses are NOTcovered under this plan and you will be responsible for them entirely.
  • This plan will allow uninsured student athletes to play collegiate sports but LTU will not pay any medical related bills incurred by the student athlete not related to athletic injuries.
  • Follow the directions on the link below:

The above listed insurance companies comply with the Lawrence Technological University guidelines that each student athlete must follow. Reach out to your coach, or the LTU athletic trainers (, for any assistance or clarification.

Proof of valid medical insurance and a completed pre participation physical (by the LTU team physician) must be on file to practice and/or play with your team.

*Any athlete who does not have the above documents on file will be held out of ALL physical activity until these documents have been approved and submitted.